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R3 would be great for the first. CBR500/Ninja650 good for motorways and commuting. This is just looking at sport themed bikes. Most bikes suck at motorway compared to a car unless you're going for a proper adventure bike with good wind protection or sports tourer ala BMW K1600GT or similar, the R7 definitely sucks on a motorway due to body.

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Yamaha has done a great job of styling the LAMS-approved, 321cc, parallel-twin YZF-R3 SP (to give it its full name) to make it appear to be part of its sportsbike family, what with its head-down-bum-up stance, angular fairing and tail-unit, twin headlights, radical tank design, gold calipers and light-weight cast wheels.

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The R3 is plenty fast enough for street use. It's a great beginner bike. It's light, flickable, is easy to ride and has good power. It's good enough that I'm gonna buy one after the market isn't crazy again, because I miss all the fun I had when I got my first bike, a 2012 Ninja 250 back in 2013.

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The Yamaha R3 is renowned for its beginner-friendly features. It strikes a balance between performance and ease of use. Ideal for learners due to its manageable power and comfortable ergonomics. Is The Yamaha R3 A Good Starter Bike? Yes, the Yamaha R3 is an excellent starter bike.


For many, sport bikes are the pinnacle of cool. The Yamaha YZF-R3 (or simply R3) is a 300cc motorcycle that combines some of the best things about sport bikes — delicious speed and iconic.

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The Yamaha R3 is a popular entry-level sportbike that has captured the hearts of riders worldwide. Designed to cater to the needs of beginner and intermediate riders, the R3 offers an enticing blend of performance, agility, and style. With its sporty demeanor, modern features, and competitive pricing, the Yamaha R3 has become a top choice for those seeking an exhilarating and approachable.

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The Yamaha R3 is the smaller 300cc sibling of the 600cc R6 and the 1000cc racetrack legend, the Yamaha R1. And even though it's classified as entry-level, the R3's 300CC engine has higher-performance specs than most of the motos in its class. In this article, we'll assess whether the Yamaha R3 is a good starter bike…

2015 Yamaha YZFR3 First Ride The Beginner Bike and Beyond

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Yamaha R3 is an ideal starter bike for those looking to get into motorcycling. Featuring a lightweight chassis and easy maneuverability, the R3 is the perfect option for beginner riders.. The reliability of the Yamaha R3 is also very good. It is equipped with a fuel-injected 321 cc engine that produces 42 Horse Power, and is known.

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The Yamaha R3 is a good bike for leaners, as a first bike. It is extremely easy to control and maneuver.. Once you start to lay hard into R3 the bike shows you it's ready to race and eggs you on to max it out through the gears and hit the corners at nutty speeds with ease making this a top fun light weight super sport bike.

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I got my first look at the new 2019 YZF-R3 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the AIMExpo in October of 2018. It was love at first sight. I immediately noticed the aggressively placed clip-ons, MotoGP-esque front faring, and more angular gas tank. The new styling so closely resembles it's "big brothers" (the YZFR1M, YZFR1, and YZFR6) that it makes.

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Excellent Beginner Motorcycle. If you want a sporty looking bike with a great exhaust note at a reasonable price, the R3 fits that bill. Pros. Great looking bike. Extra engine displacement gives it more power. Low seat height and overall weight. Cons. Minimal suspension adjustment. Soft brakes are weak.

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Powering the Yamaha R3 is the familiar 321cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled motor as seen on its predecessor. Power output stands at 41.5 bhp and peak torque is 29.5 Nm. The numbers are decent, but nothing groundbreaking and as we experienced on the older bike, the R3 is one of those bikes that delivers more than what the spec sheet conveys.

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And now Yamaha has launched a new addition to its YZF-R sports bike family, the R3. It's all new, with a parallel-twin engine of 321cc acting as a stressed member in a diamond-type steel frame. That gives it 25 more cubes than the 296cc Ninja and Z300, and five more horses, at 42hp compared to 37. Of course it's A2-compliant but Yamaha is keen.

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Its forgiving, light, low seat so you can flat foot both feet for most people. oh and it looks awesome for its relatively low pricep. R3 IMO is a perfect beginner bike. Does everything you need it to quite well and gets great mileage. Zippy, light and nimble and most importantly, very forgiving.

2019 Yamaha YZFR3 unveiled Autocar India

The R3 would be a good bike for a first time rider. Experienced riders love it just as much so don't think it would get "boring" after a while. That said, any good condition small displacement bike is a good choice for new riders. Low cost on maintenance, low cost to purchase (assuming its used) and not too much worries in minor drops.