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Alhamdulillah, Al-Bait Guests have partnered with Ikhlas Hajj & Umrah Services for Hajj 2024. Please look out for the name when searching for packages. Al-Bait Guests (formerly known as the Establishment of South Asia) is one of the largest Hajj service providers that has been operating for over 40 years. They have been serving approximately.

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Discover top-tier Hajj & Umrah packages for 2024 from Canada's leading travel agency, KingTravelCan.com. Enjoy premium group options for an unforgettable pilgrimage experience. King Travel 905-624-8555

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Hajj Companions takes pride in designing a wide range of Hajj Packages for 2024 for its valuable customers. With years of unparalleled service, Hajj Companions is approved by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Religious Affairs Canada, and IATA accredited. Our aim is to serve the diverse needs of the Muslims in Canada.

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Visaenterprise - Canada's Official company that is authorised for all Saudi Arabian consular services since 2008. We also added to our services Hajj & Umrah sections.. the Saudi Embassy and as well as the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, is pleased to. Continue reading Package chart Call us now! 613.232.6565 Toll Free 1.877.532.6565; info.

How much does it cost to go for Hajj? Al Jazeera

OUR 2024 HAJJ COMPANION TEAM. We will be serving 10 Hajj packages this year to ensure that the top level of care, customer service, quality and performance is provided to the Hajis of Canada. Once the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah announces the Hajj packages, we will let you know which packages we are traveling on. Four Hajj packages to choose from.

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We offer different Hajj & Umrah packages for the year 2024 from Canada. Our 2024 Hajj Packages are specially designed to facilitate our valuable customers. Ph: 403-805-8323 | Toll Free: 877-885-3978; [email protected];. Hajj registration is open for Hajj 2024 through the web hajj.nusuk.sa.

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Welcome to the Ikhlas Hajj & Umrah services known as Ikhlas Travels & BAGGIA TRAVEL. We are the premier providers of Hajj & Umrah services for Canada Since 1998. Book Now. Scarborough: +1-416-754-0347, Mississauga: +1-416-829-0055 TICO REGISTRATION # 500114898.

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At Dar El Salam, we are genuinely excited to keep you informed about all things related to Hajj 2024. Your journey begins here, and we can't wait to embark on this spiritual voyage together. Thank you for entrusting us with your interest, and we look forward to accompanying you on the path to Hajj 2024

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Hajj packages catered to your needs from Canada: TAREEQ AL HARAMAIN for Hajj and Umrah Services is partnered with AA1 MSQ VISAENTERPRISE LTD to market and provide Hajj services for Muslims from West Canada. We take pride in planning for Canadian Muslims who are wishing to perform Hajj. We are devoted to provide the best services. Continue reading Package chart

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The Hajj ministry announced four categories of packages for domestic pilgrims performing Hajj this year. The price of domestic pilgrim packages will begin at 3,984 Saudi riyals ($1,060). The most expensive package will cost 11,435 riyals, with pilgrims accommodated in the six towers in Mina, near Jamarat.

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This might give you an idea of how much Hajj currently costs in CAD: https://muslimlink.ca/news/hajj-canada-canadian-travel-packages-2018

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1. Each applicant must submit his/her own Registration Form above. 2. Pay the initial deposit*($2500 Cnd) for Hajj 2022/2023. Important in the message write: hajj 2022/2023 payment for the applicant's full name + phone Number+ email) ( See point D. Payment Methods below).

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Hajj 2024 is expected to have higher application demand from Canada than usual because the quota of Canada has been decreasing since last year. We have secured 316 spots for Canadians in Hajj 2023; Therefore, our commitment is to serve you efficiently, professionally, and to provide our clients a peace of mind. We are advising the following:

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Hajj Package 40 prayers ECO 2021. Edmonton, AB, Canada. · Departure: Estimated Departure Date from Canada to Jeddah is: July 10th, 2021 · RETURN:. View More. View More. Category Hajj. Posted 24/03/2021 by Sahal Umrah and Hajj. CA$2,975.

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The Hajj travel: please note that hajj air tickets is a group ticket that starts from Canada and returns to Canada. Customized tickets are not permitted. Labaykhajj, group leaders/Imams assume no liability whatsoever for the services during Hajj as this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi Hajj company as they are the exclusive hajj service provider.